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David Ford explains how your contact centre needs to adapt to keep the modern customer satisfied.

Recent research from the Call Centre Management Association (CCMA) has found that, as a result of a change in customer behaviour, contact centres are increasingly only dealing with more complex issues over the phone – often customer service complaints. Frequently, teams are unprepared and ill equipped for these more complicated matters, and customer satisfaction falls.


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Outsourcing contact-center “DEALIST”

Nowadays even small companies have its own call-center. However in these latter days better part of them entrust call processing to outer outsourcing companies.

“Dealist” have a team of specialists who can do their work efficiently 24/7.

We had a lot of telephone lines. It helps us to process a lot of incoming calls; also social software provides us to get statistics and all kinds of call reports.
Using our services, you will reduce expenses of your company. You won’t even save your money on buying equipment for operator’s work places and paying salaries; entrusting us your business you will reduce the time, spending on processing calls requiring no specialized knowledge.

Our operators will help you to cope with the large amount of work. Affable, special trained operators will inform your clients, partners and co-workers by telephone. You will be given detailed reports about every call with the possibility of listening to telephone conversation recorder.

All information about clients is protected from any unauthorized access.

Our advantages are:

  • Applying the latest technology
  • Applying modern communications technology
  • High qualified staff
  • Reliable software

Specialists of the “Dealist” contact-center will help you to organize work of your information and referral service. It will help your potential customers to get detailed information about time schedule of your company, services offered and its cost. If you need to conduct any marketing campaign, we will help you with call processing, compilation of statistics, and collecting of additional information. We have a special offer for online store owners. Customer service is a simple solution of receiving calls from potential customers. Technical support service will help you to reduce expenses spending on consulting your customers, if you take advantage of our operators. Telephone sales service, telephone survey, SMS text messaging it is just a little part of services provided by outsourcing contact-center   "Dealist".  

Our advantages:

  • Our contact-center is an effective tool of interactive cooperation of the company with its clients.
  • Our contact-center is intergraded with all business process of the company and always improves the quality of cooperation with clients.