Informative phone calls service

Reasons for using our service:

  • You want to tell you customers about new campaigns, services, etc.
  • You need to tell your clients that your new store has opened

How does it work?

  1. Our call-center operators will phone around your existing and potential customers and provide them all necessary information.
  2. Our operator will found out an  interest in your company’s services

Regarding all contacts that are being processed we’ll minimize the amount of respondents that couldn’t be reached by phone. We’ll outline customers that are using your services or services provided by your competitors. Also, we’ll be working towards updating potential customer’s info such as phone number, change of address, etc. We will make sure that prospective customer has been reached by our service and fully informed about your services. That we can call a “successful call”. Also our report will include: the course of the phone call (was it answered/dropped by respondent; at what stage of conversation call ended; respondent uses different company services, has no need in such services, etc.). In our opinion, all of the mentioned above could help you in getting correct feedback from your prospective customers as well as readjusting the ways in approaching them.
You’d be required to pay for the “successful call” only.

In case you’d like to make sure that the call itself resulted in a “successful call” – you can go through the recordings that were taken for “quality service control” purposes.

Informative Phone Calls Service allows you to:

  • Inform your existing and potential customers about all changes in your company.
  • Make a comprehensive support of your ad campaign.
  • Improve your sales and stimulate repetitive sales.
  • Advertise your new shop in a short period of time and increase the number of visitors at your shop.
  • Enhance your customers’ loyalty towards your company through this phone advertising.