Telephone survey

Reasons for using our service:

  • You need to conduct a comprehensive objective market research
  • You need to examine preferences in a particular market segment

How does it work?

Working on the cloud-based technology our operators call a target group of people and make a perform survey according to the agreed script.

Operators will provide a detailed report on the work done and data received. After the work is done you will be provided with all requested information according to the previously agreed format.

Price determining factors:

  • Reports’ regularity
  • Number of calls made
  • Type of a phone line receiving/incoming calls (mobile/cell or land line)
  • The complexity of a filled questionnaire
  • Type of information

Telephone survey allows you to:

  • Analyze the market situation, using an objective data which were collected by the most optimal way
  • Plan your marketing campaign based on reliable independent data